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Coaches' Challenges for #KnightsGive Campaign

Coaches' Challenges for #KnightsGive Campaign

COCHRAN, GA - The Knights Athletics program is nearing the first annual #KnightsGive campaign at the end of September and the coaches for each team have given their teams incentive to reach their goal.  Below are the challenges each coach will complete if their team reaches the goal set by the coach.  All challenges will be posted on Facebook and Twitter after being completed and in a special gallery on  Find the team you want to support and help the coach have to meet their commitment to the team. 

Men's Basketball - Goal $750. Scott Moe will jump in the lake on the Cochran campus.  Coach Ryan will run a set of 10s in 1 minute 30 seconds or repeat it.

Women's Basketball - Goal Coach Ligon will run the campus while the team relaxes.  Coach Rector will take an ice bath.

Women's Soccer - Goal $1500.  The team has achieved their goal of $1,500 and then some.  Coach Gill will be dying his hair purple and Coach Parker was hit in the face with several pies.

Men's Soccer - Goal $1,500. Coach Gudjonsson will shave his head.

Men's and Women's Tennis - Goal $500 each team ($1,000 total minimum $500 each). Coach Bates will receive a haircut from his team.

Women's Cross Country - Goal $1,000. Coach Miller will shave his head.

Baseball - Goal $3,000.  Coach Knight will cook and serve his team a steak dinner.

Softball - Goal $3,000.  Coach Phillips will wear a full softball uniform for the first game of the season while Coach Reeves will wear a full football uniform (maybe washed).

Women's Volleyball - Goal $600 minimum.  Coach Tui will wear a Large uniform for a game at $600, Medium at $700, Small at $800 and buy the team dinner at $1,000.

Equestrian - Goal $2,000.  Coach Jones will wear a cow costume and be roped and tied by a team member.

Athletic Director - Goal $10,000.  Athletic Director Chip Smith and James Hagler will announce there challenges during the week of September 24.

Football and Cheer will announce their challenges on Monday.

As of Friday, September 21, the overall fundraising program has raised $7,985.  You can see where each team stands and make your own donation at  The period for donations to the challenges ends on September 30, 2018 but you can donate to support Middle Georgia State University Knights Athletics anytime.